The brand Pro-key-tect for keyboard and mouse was created due to the increased demand for a competitive product with quality that responds to the high demand of the medical grade hardware equipment. 

The  struggling in the medical environment to find the right products to prevent cross-contamination, Pro-key-tect is the solution to the problem. It has been specially developed for the medical market with high demands on quality, efficiency and hygiene. The keyboard and mouse meet these requirements.

They are fully covered with latex free silicone based material that insures a sealing against water and dust (IP 68) to protect the internal components when cleaned with any method. Medical grade cleaning is no problem for our products. Keyboard with a slightly raised key for an excellent tactile key response like a normal keyboard. But still flat enough for effective cleaning. Due to the presence of a 5-scale adjustable brightness of the backlight, the  keyboard is very suitable for low light or dark areas. Pro-key-tect is ideal for healthcare, food industry and in areas where moisture is a problem.

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Whether the challenge is dirt or durability, blood or bacteria, coffee spills or cough, the PRO-KEY-TECT keyboard and mouse are 100% resistant to liquids and pathogens, contains no latex, are built robustly and strong, are specially made to operate in high risk places. From the "Operating Room" to the "Emergency Room", our IP-68 water-sealed keyboard and mouse prevent to contamination can not only withstand to the most difficult conditions, but also to be disinfected, cleaned, and even submerged in water to drastically reduce the incidence of contamination. Keyboard is always covered with silicone cover and is always included with the mouse. It is essential to use keyboard + mouse as both are equal source of contamination and housing of bacteria


Distinguished by their ergonomic, strong, and sealed design, PRO-KEY-TECT keyboards and mice are ideal not only for health care and dental service, but also for silent keypads in laboratories and pharmacies - wherever security and durability are important topics and in which the worker / operator, student and health assistant are a priority. The keyboard also has key illumination for best use in low light or dark areas.


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